Building Your Power Source

Early Career Women’s Leadership Workshop

The gradual rise of women in society’s most influential roles ranks among the most profound social transformations of our time. But there is still much work to be done. Indeed, this moment requires women, in particular, to reexamine their relationship with power – what it is, why they should want it, how to build it and how to effectively wield it.

Leveraging an evidence-based framework designed to help participants develop their personal power source, this workshop will teach participants to: cultivate the right mindset surrounding their own power, clarify their purpose for power, understand the organizational and political contexts in which they will gain power and how to confidently and strategically exercise power to accomplish their goals.

This workshop is best suited for junior women leaders who want to cultivate their personal power and grow their impact and influence within their organization as they rise in their careers.

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Chelsea Mitamura, PhD

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