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Disrupt & Transform Program

Disrupt & Transform is the Institute's flagship leadership and development experience

It seamlessly integrates three core elements: Executive coaching with a Personal Leadership Advisor, Disruptive Development Experiences, and consulting + networking opportunities in a high-caliber, High-Trust Peer Community. Every element is applied for significant real-world impact in business settings.

Personal Leadership Advisor

Each member develops a strong relationship with his or her Personal Leadership Advisor (PLA) who facilitates a transformative experience by serving as the member’s executive coach, guide, and Peer Consulting Group leader. The PLA works with the member to craft an annual plan to include programs, events and relationships to help him or her achieve their current year’s goals. Institute PLAs are master coaches and advisors with a Ph.D. or M.B.A. and 15-20 years of experience working with C-suite executives.

Disruptive Development Experience

The core design principle for Institute programs is that accelerated, or step-change, development does not occur without some catalytic experience. Programs thus aim to shake leaders out of their typical day-to-day experience, exposing them to big and new ideas, engaging them in deep thinking about their personal and business opportunities at this complex time in history, and activating them to tackle those opportunities with purpose and courage, all with the support of a high-trust peer cohort that will continue on as a resource throughout the year.

High-Caliber High-Trust Peer Community

Leadership development is supported through interactions with a diverse array of other peers and experts who both challenge and support leaders to expand their capacity to think, feel and act with intention and impact. Each member of the Leadership Community is provided with a network of committed members invested in one another’s success. The cohort you join in your Base Camp Program becomes your ongoing Peer Consulting Group, ensuring sustained growth and real-world impact. Members also participate in Community Networking Events throughout the year

Disrupt & Transform Participants

Senior Leaders who operate in an industry undergoing significant disruption
Senior Leaders who are responsible for transforming their organizations
Senior Leaders the organization will bet on for future success
Senior Leaders who have reached peak capacity using their current approach and need to find new ways to lead

Base Camp was a truly special experience for me in my evolution as a leader. Getting outside of the office and spending time with other business leaders gave me valuable new perspectives on challenging business issues.

- Ellen Archer, President Trade Publishing Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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